The Jazz Music Blog reviews Jacek Kochan's Occupational Hazard 

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Polish-Canadian drummer Jacek Kochan and musiConspiracy album release Occupational Hazard 

Drummer/composer/arranger Jacek Kochan’s new album Occupational Hazard is remarkable on a number of fronts. Not only does it represent the prodigious Montreal musician’s 22nd release as a leader, it’s also his most stylistically daring project to date. 

Combining elements of acoustic and electric jazz, rock, and contemporary improvised music, it weaves rhythms and harmonies from around the world into an eclectic and infectious mix sure to please the ears of any adventurous listener. Conveyed by a cast that includes many of the finest musicians working today, Occupational Hazard is a musical tour de force. 

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Marty's review: Jacek Kochan and musiConspiracy have produced a contemporary jazz album that is groundbreaking and dynamic in its compositional creations and profoundly distinctive in the instrumental skills and mastery. With a fusion style that nods to the likes of Weather Report and Return To Forever, this is a joyous adventure into the realms of the ambitious and conceptual side of jazz. The result is a timeless and at times mythical sound that is rich in complexity yet sublime in its overall delivery. A worthy tour-de-force indeed.