Challenge #4 - Approach tones to bebop Dom7th Sclaes

This challenge is mostly for saxophone players, in that the etude is written around the range of the saxophone. 

This is an etude I wrote for myself to get more familiar and comfortable with approach tones to the dominant 7th bebop scale. Dom 7th bebop scale is based on the Mixolydian mode (or starting on the 5th) which is the basis for most of the the common 'bluesy' sound in our vocabulary as improvisers. The bebop scale just ads a natural 7 to the scale so it ends up being symmetrical, and therefore you end up on a chord-tone on every beat. 

This etude takes you up the bebop scale and then down using approach tones. Most of the approach tones are by semitone below the target note with a few exceptions, which were made due to musical reasons.

Play each key as many times as you'd like before moving on. If you don't get through them all in one day, start where you left off the next day. 

Play these as slowly as you need to, to make it sound good. Speed will take care of itself!

Here is the Dominant 7th Approach Tone Etude

Level 1 - work on just one key at a time and ignore anything above hight F (above the staff)
Level 2 - do it all
Level 3 - Once comfortable in a key, try it with different feels: triplet eights (swung), sixteenth triplets, etc. 

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