Challenge #2 - There Will Never Be Another You 3rds

Challenge #2 - There Will Never Be Another You in 3rds

The next two challenges will be dealing with the standard There Will Never Be Another You. The idea is to focus on simple concepts through which you will internalize these particular chords. This will allow you to play clearer solos on this and other songs. 

In this challenge you need to learn the 3rds of the standard There will Never Be Another You, simple as that. Start with just playing the 3rds (refer to downloadable charts below and the play along tracks above). The memorize it. If you can do that move on to the next level. You do not have to perfect all levels every day, they are meant for you to find your own level and move your playing forward. Here are the different levels: 

Level 1a - play the 3rds along with the recording 
Level 1b - memorize it

Level 2a - Play the roots and thirds
Level 2b - memorize it

Level 3a - I alway like to add a little bluesy sound to standards. Approaching a note from below is a great way to do that. In this level add a semitone before the 3rd of each chord 
Level 3b - memorize it

Challenge #2 Concert chart
Challenge #2 Bb chart
Challenge #2 Eb chart

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