JazzQuad review of Don't Let it Stop!

Leonid Auskern wrote a great review of Don't Let it Stop!

Some of our favorite quotes from it:

“The title song Don't Let It Stop! at times left me with the impression of Jimi Hendrix, who had returned from beyond…

Jazz Weekly review of Songs of Tales "Life Is a Gongshow"

Songs of Tales: Life Is A Gong Show 

by George W. Harris • May 25, 2020 • 0 Comments 

The band Songs of Tales consists of Gordon Grdina on oud, guitar and bass, saxophonist and keyboardist Petr Cancura, Jean Martin…

Life Is a Gongshow review by Milwaukee's The Shepherd Express

David Luhrssen wrote a great review

Jazz is a shared reference, a musical education held in common for the members of Songs of Tales. However, calling them a jazz group is misleading and limiting. Their new album opens with the…

Jacek Kochan new video ft. Elizabeth Shepherd

Jacek Kochan has released two new videos alongside his recent release occupational hazard Here is the first featuring the fantastic Elizabeth Shepherd.

Jacek kochan & musiConspiracy - "evident monk" (j.kochan) from CD "occupational hazard" 

elizabeth shepherd - voice, piano, 

Songs of Tales review by Exclaim!

From the moment lead-off track "Traure" transforms from Afrobeat funk to Celtic jam, it's clear that Life Is a Gong Show isn't your standard jazz LP. The debut LP from Songs of Tales works hard resisting (and then brazenly encompassing)…

Songs of Tales new album out now!

New album out! 

Sons Of Tales 
"Life Is a Gongshow" 

Gord Grdina on oud, guitar, bass 
Jesse Zubot - violin, synths, electronics, bass 
Jean Martin - drums, electronics 
Petr Cancura - saxophones, effects, keyboards 
out on Roots2boot Recordings